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How Can This Help My Business?

You can't wear all the hats and you shouldn't need to!


Doing It On Your Own

  • Miss the calls. Forget to call people back.

  • Waste time trying to write your own posts.

  • Manually post on socials, if you remember to.

  • Spend hours finding help on YouTube.

  • No one to ask for help.


Using the Right Tools

  • Automatically text back missed calls.

  • Use AI to write your own posts in minutes.

  • Schedule your posts weeks out at a time.

  • Join a supportive community of edupreneurs.

  • Reference on-demand videos for help.

Waste less time on marketing and focus more on your school

Work smarter, not harder.

We get it! You barely have time to grab some lunch, let alone market your business.

When you're starting a school or building a community, time seems to disappear. Unfortunately, the reality is that in order to grow, continually moving forward is required! Otherwise you're moving backwards.

If you don't market your business, then you'll never grow. Eventually word-of-mouth referrals dry up. Having a strategic plan in place will position you and your business for thriving, continued growth.

When you use the right tools, the RIGHT way, you gain time AND increase student enrollment!

Our platform gives you the tools you need to succeed! Whether it's to manage your day-to-day or setup your marketing to be on auto-pilot, EDU Grow Pro can help you reach your goals.

We're so confident that you'll love our software that we'll give you 14 FREE days to try it out! If you don't like it, cancel before the 14 days and you will NOT be charged.

ONE Plan For ALL Your Needs

No need to make things complicated. One plan gives you all the features!


The Plan

  • Automatically text people when you miss their call

  • Mobile app

  • SMS, GBP, FB, IG, and emails in ONE place

  • Website chat feature

  • Manage your Google & Facebook™ reviews

  • Setup recurring or one-time payments

  • Choose from hundreds of templates to build your website

  • Schedule your content to post on specific days

  • Group community of Other Schools

  • Create your own LEGAL contracts

  • Built-in email marketing

  • Build your own community (like a Facebook group)

  • Create your own affiliate program

  • On-demand video tutorials (coming soon)


Extend Your Plan

  • Add Locations
    $50 per location per month

  • Add your business to 50+ directories
    $50 per location per month

  • Use AI bot when customers message you
    $50 per month

  • Group Coaching
    $50 per month

  • Bundle all Add-ons

    $100 per month (save $100 per month)


On-demand Video Tutorials are Coming Soon!

Guided videos help you build your custom marketing platform catered to YOUR business


Getting Ready

Every day follow these videos that will put you one step ahead of your competition.


Websites & Funnels

You don't need design skills here! Choose a template and customize it to your needs!


Reduce Labor

These videos will show you how to automate processes and streamline your business.


Beyond the Basics

Coming soon! Use these tactics to build your marketing campaign.

Real people. Real stories.

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Ellemercito Academy

Lizette is using EDU Grow Pro to help manage her day-to-day, reducing the time it takes to get stuff done.


NOW Leaders Circle

Shanda is using EDU Grow Pro to build and grow her community of women.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is EGP different from other marketing platforms?

Great question! We offer three features to help you be successful: the tools, the trainings and the community. Not only are we able to offer an innovative software that runs your entire business in just one platform, but we're also able to support you with trainings and our growing community.

Do I have to pay for the text messages, emails, and phone numbers?

Yes, there are fees associated with using SMS, emails, and phone numbers. However, we provide you a monthly credit of $10 (starter) or $25 (growth) to offset these costs. This will be enough for most businesses, however, if you need more in any given month you will be billed for usage.

$10 provides you approximately 475 outgoing calls, 780 incoming calls, and 840 text message segments.

$25 provides you approximately 1,188 outgoing calls, 1,950 incoming calls, and 2,100 text message segments.

Do I have to pay for A2P 10DLC? What is that anyway?

A2P 10DLC, or Application-to-Person Ten-Digit Long Code, is a messaging framework that enables businesses to send SMS and MMS messages to consumers using standard 10-digit phone numbers. This system is tailored for business communications, offering a reliable and regulatory-compliant method for mass text messaging, unlike the more restricted short codes or shared long codes. It's particularly significant for business owners as it's now a required standard for business messaging in many regions. This mandatory adoption leaves little choice for businesses aiming to engage with customers via text, ensuring they adhere to carrier regulations and consumer protection standards against spam, while maintaining efficient and direct communication channels.

Unfortunately we don't have say in the matter. There is a one-time fee assessed and then a monthly fee after, something around $4-12 per month. It will come out of your credit we give you ($10 for starter plans, $25 for growth plans), however that first month will be a bit more pricey than other months.

What does the 14-day free trial include?

You wouldn't buy a house without looking it over first. We believe in the same concept with our platform. The moment you sign up, you receive access to our intentional, small-school movement trainings, templates, and tools that help you actually save time and make money with our software. Once you try out EGP, you can make an informed decision if you want to stay or cancel. Don't worry, we make it easy. You can cancel from inside your account any time within your 14 day free trial.

Is this a white label version of HighLevel?

EGP is constructed upon a well-established foundation known as HighLevel (GHL), which has experienced significant growth in recent years. Our decision to collaborate with GHL is rooted in their unwavering dedication to product development, always placing people and product at the forefront of their priorities. Unlike software companies that rely on hype and aggressive sales tactics, GHL has gained admiration because it genuinely delivers a comprehensive platform that enhances the efficiency of running an entire business.

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